Koresma is the chill, electronic music project of Ryan Lindberg. Koresma aims to provide a humanistic approach to the electronic music landscape.The lifestyle based music provides a sonic escape for listener’s to find a safe space for relaxation and inspiration. It seems YouTubers truly grasp the vision for Lindberg’s music because they have grown fond of using Koresma as background music for skateboarding and surfing - sports that happen to be his hobbies - and travel videos such as Sailing La Vagabonde, a couple who keeps a video journal of sailing trips around the world. 

Over the next year Koresma will be releasing four EP’s based off of a compass theme under the title “Next Frontier”. Inside of the Next Frontier experience there will be four individually released EP’s; the first being East, with West, North, and South following in sequence. The idea of “Next Frontier” and the EP’s it will be comprised of are a compass for self-exploration representing the journey to find your path and a reflection of all the places you visit in between. Based off of his road trip across the US, his album “Next Frontier” is a combination of his four EP’s and paints sonic landscapes of the different places he visited. Although Koresma is drawing inspiration from the places he visited, the intention of the EP is for each listener to derive a unique meaning from the music.

Originally from Florida, Lindberg now lives in Asheville, North Carolina where he moved to be with his dad who was sick at the time. When Lindberg is not making music he loves to enjoy the local scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains hiking, hammocking, or camping. Koresma has played shows in the Southeast with Emancipator and Astronautica and played Kinnection festival as well. A single called “Bridges” from Koresma has charted at #1 on Hype Machine, received over two million plays on Spotify, and helped gain over ten thousand followers on SoundCloud. “Bridges” will be included in the “Next Frontier” album and serves a starting point for the whole experience. Creating music serves as a type of cathartic release and self exploration for Koresma with the hope that the music connects people from all backgrounds together.