Forest Sang


A song made after a bear encounter in the woods, 'Forest Sang' is a musical byproduct of my experiences in nature.


The Overlook


The Overlook is a song about clarity. When hiking, reaching an overlook is a point of joy because you can see a beautiful view and also a clear path to your destination. In the song, the chorus piano symbolizes reaching this high point or moment of clarity, realizing where you are at and seeing a clear path as to where you need to go.





This song was inspired by the idea of how bridges connect people and places. Music is one of the biggest connecting things for us and it brings people together regardless of race, language, culture, beliefs, and beyond.



Sun Begins to Pour ft. Alaska Reid


This was inspired by the human condition to continue surviving. Some obstacles are small and some are a big, but it is the cumulation of all these events that allow us to grow.




Collab with my good friend Feverkin during my last few days living in Georgia. Moved up to Asheville right after we finished this song.

Back Home EP


First EP inspired by the reason we all love music and, of course, nature.