The song is called Turquoise because that's my Mom's favorite color and I kept seeing the color in my minds eye while producing the track. Something about the glassiness of the electric piano, the sheen on the drums, and the ambience of the guitar really make that color stand out to me in the song. The added inspiration of this being a color I associate with my mother brought a whole new level of meaning to this song for me. I hope it can bring some good vibes to your day


East Remixes


East Remixes features music from the talented Dreamers Delight, Common Tiger, and Good Lee. Super thankful for this awesome flip of East.



East EP


My latest EP inspired by the lush green mountains of Western North Carolina. Step into the sonic voyage through this inspired sonic landscape through the songs Bridges, The Overlook, Fork in the Road, and Forest Sang.





Collab with my good friend Feverkin during my last few days living in Georgia. Moved up to Asheville right after we finished this song.




Golden is a super chilled track that I made with my friend Feverkin featuring the talented Cuff Malloy on Saxophone. 

Back Home EP


First EP inspired by the reason we all love music and, of course, nature.