Thanks for considering Koresma as the music for your next video project. Below are some examples of licensing work shown through past clients projects.

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Past Clients



"Ramatree is a growing and evolving tree of life, representing the journey of a traveling artist and sailor." - Ramatree

"Drones are one of the most amazing technological advancements of our time. By working with GO FLY NY you will be keeping yourself at the forefront of not only the technology, but the ideas. We want to send out a positive message to all of those that want to learn more about drones. Whether you are looking to use a drone in your creative project, learning how to fly, or need a drone for commercial application, we are here." - Goflyny

Hendrick Farm

"Hendrick Farm is revitalizing village-scale design.We believe in listening to the land. Done properly, developments should balance design, urban planning, engineering, environmental stewardship, and economics." - Hendrick Farm

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